At your first visit, we request that you arrive approximately 30 minutes ahead of your appointment time in order to fill out paperwork. There are a number of forms that are required - if you would prefer, you may download these forms ahead of time to fill out at home prior to your appointment.

After checking-in with the receptionist, a medical assistant will check your weight and vital signs. You will be asked to give a urine sample (reminder, do not empty your bladder right before arriving for your appointment). The physician will review your paperwork and results from the urinalysis. The physician will then speak to you about your medical history, medications, and recent illness/events. The physician will perform a physical examination and then discuss findings, need for further evaluation, and treatment strategies. All of the physicians welcome any questions during the visit. If any testing is ordered, the medical assistant will then speak with the you regarding preferences for testing locations and dates/times. Testing will be arranged prior to leaving the office in most circumstances. Last, you will schedule your next appointment prior to leaving the office.

For follow-up visits, the paperwork is much less. Again, there is a form to be filled out (to make sure that we have a current up-to-date medication list and are aware of any new or bothersome symptoms). For some doctors, you will give a urine specimen at the lab; for other doctors, the urine specimen will be performed in the office. It will be rare to have to give a specimen in both locations. Therefore, if you gave a specimen at the lab, you do not need a full bladder at your appointment.